The Vision of "Podkarpacie Country" Cluster

A courageous vision as well as team work is needed to accomplish the goal. Podkarpacie Province has many advantages. It has the highest concentration of modern and clean aviation industry in Central Europe, associated in the most advanced industrial cluster in Poland called “Aviation Valley”. The “Aviation Valley” association grows dynamically, creating thousands of high-tech jobs, contributing to the wealth of the region. The association became an inspiration for the “Podkarpacie Country” cluster, which relies on beautiful nature and the multicultural tradition of the region and will become an important  element of regional development. The future of Podkarpacie Province will be based on two “smart specializations”: clean high-tech (aerospace) and Life Quality sector (sustainable tourism, health recovery and eco-technology).

The region has also additional advantages, like competitive labor costs, high work ethics, good education system, improved infrastructure with international airport and highway, as well as experience in obtaining European Union funding and subsidies.

Considering the above assets the goal of “Podkarpacie Country” cluster is to integrate representatives of the Life Quality sector, to stimulate the local business environment and to create development strategy for the sector.

Podkarpacie Province is a region in the very south-east part of Poland. This particularly picturesque land, bordering with Ukraine to the east and Slovakia to the south, retained its unspoiled nature, culture and tradition. The genetic code of the region was shaped by historical events and experience of western and eastern cultures and religions like Catholicism, Orthodoxy and Judaism. The north part of Podkarpacie Province is famous for its clean aeronautical industry. The south part of the province, due to lack of industry, preserved its original nature and rural structure. These qualities plus breathtaking glacial landscapes makes Podkarpacie an amazing, although still undiscovered tourist region.

Rzeszow, as a capital of Podkarpacie Province, is a modern city with 200 000 inhabitants. It is always in top five in Poland's ranking lists, scoring cleanness, safety and friendliness. There are 60 000 young people studying in this dynamic city.