Conference on modern and sustainable tourism as a chance for County of Strzyzow economic development

The conference was held on 21 March 2013 in Pstragowa in Siedlisko Janczar. The organizers – Robert Godek, Chiev Executive of the Strzyzow County and Monika Szymanska, President of the Cluster “Podkarpacie County” - have hosted representatives of 60 institutions and companies: local authorities, non-governmental organizations, nature protected areas authorities, State Forests National Forest Holding authorities, schools, cultural centres, local firms and inhabitants interested in  sustainable development of the region.

The meeting aimed at presentation of the project concept entitled: “Model of Activation of County of Strzyzow”. The Cluster research and implementation project will be realized in cooperation with Rzeszow University. The project focuses on research of social potential in the Strzyzow County, in the context of its economic and touristic development.

All mayors of local municipalities in the county together with Chiev Executive of the Strzyzow County and Czarnorzecko-Strzyzowska Local Action Group (association of public and private partners from the rural territory), has expressed their support for the planned activities in the project by addressing letters of intent to the President of the Cluster.

Finally, Professor Aleksander Bobko, Rector of Rzeszow University was officially received as a member of the cluster by Monika Szymanska, the President of the Cluster.