Quality of Life Sector as intelligent specialisation of podkarpackie voivodship

Carpathian Innovation Council has indicated two main paths of development for podkarpackie voivodship: (I) modern aerospace industry and (II) clean environment with unique landscape values and undisturbed nature. The two so called “intelligent specializations” will be crucial for sustainable development of the province, supported by European Union in the new financial perspective.

This is very significant and good information for the Cluster Podkarpacie Country because the statutory activities of the organization are strongly related with the second direction of development, in particular with: tourism (including medical tourism) and quality of life sector (recreation, welfare of the elderly people and ecological food production and sale).

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Promotion of the Cluster „Podkarpacie Country” in Brussels

On 6th of March 2013 an international conference “Regional aspects of the Polish Go China strategy” was held in the European Parliament in Brussels. Cluster “Podkarpacie Country” was presented as one of two intelligent specializations of Podkarpackie Voivodeship. 

Conference on modern and sustainable tourism as a chance for County of Strzyzow economic development

The conference was held on 21 March 2013 in Pstragowa in Siedlisko Janczar. The organizers – Robert Godek, Chiev Executive of the Strzyzow County and Monika Szymanska, President of the Cluster “Podkarpacie County” - have hosted representatives of 60 institutions and companies: local authorities, non-governmental organizations, nature protected areas authorities, State Forests National Forest Holding authorities, schools, cultural centres, local firms and inhabitants interested in  sustainable development of the region.

The meeting aimed at presentation of the project concept entitled: “Model of Activation of County of Strzyzow”. The Cluster research and implementation project will be realized in cooperation with Rzeszow University. The project focuses on research of social potential in the Strzyzow County, in the context of its economic and touristic development.

All mayors of local municipalities in the county together with Chiev Executive of the Strzyzow County and Czarnorzecko-Strzyzowska Local Action Group (association of public and private partners from the rural territory), has expressed their support for the planned activities in the project by addressing letters of intent to the President of the Cluster.

Finally, Professor Aleksander Bobko, Rector of Rzeszow University was officially received as a member of the cluster by Monika Szymanska, the President of the Cluster. 

Podkarpackie Clusters Forum

On the 27th of February 2013 representatives of clusters from South-East Poland were invited by Aviation Valley to the official meeting in the Marshall Office of Podkarpackie Voivodeship. The cooperation agreement was signed by all present organizations. It has initiated experience and information exchange, joint action towards enhancement of the role of clusters in the economy and common projects representing needs and interests of cluster members. 

Kraina Podkarpacie w "Innowacyjne Podkarpackie"

W dniu 4-go lutego został wyemitowany program z cyklu Innowacyjne Podkarpackie, który w całości został poświęcony Klastrowi Kraina Podkarpacie. Poniżej znajduje się link, pod którym można obejrzeć pełny program:


Kraina Podkarpacie w TVP Rzeszów

Podpisanie Listu Intencyjnego między "Doliną Lotniczą a "Krainą Podkarpacie"

W dniu 22-go listopada 2012 r. w Hotelu Prezydenckim miało miejsce Walne Zebranie Członków Stowarzyszenia Klaster Jakości Życia "Kraina Podkarpacie, podczas którego do Stowarzyszenia zostali przyjęci nowi członkowie. W tym samym dniu odbyła się również konferencja prasowa, w której uczestniczyli przedstawiciele władz lokalnych, uczelni wyższych, przedstawiciele mediów oraz inni zaproszeni goście. Podczas konferencji zostały zaprezentowane zamierzenia klastra, a także odbyło się uroczyste podpisanie umowy o współpracy między Stowarzyszeniem "Dolina Lotnicza" a Stowarzyszeniem "Kraina Podkarpacie"

Kraina Podkarpacie w radiu

Wywiad z Koordynatorem Klastra "Kraina Podkarpacie" Rafałem Dareckim podczas Konferencji ClusterCOOP, w której brało udział wiele klastrów z województwa podkarpackiego w tym klaster Dolina Lotnicza.

Download this file (Klaster_jakosci_zycia.mp3)Wywiad w Radiu Rzeszów[Wywiad z Koordynatorem Klastra Rafałem Dareckim w dniu 07.11.2012]4054 Kb

Promotion of "Podkarpacie Country" Cluster - Chengdu, China

On 23-29.09.2012 first international promotion of "Podkarpacie Country" Cluster took place during "EU-China Innovation Cluster Cooperation" Forum. Pictures below:

Podkarpackie Voivodeship development strategy for 2007 - 2020

The Marshall Office has initiated activities the goal of which is to update „The development strategy of podkarpackie voievodship for 2007 – 2020. On 20 August 2012 the first meeting of tourism team took place. Podkarpackie cluster is represented by its President Monika Szymańska and its honorary member Marek Darecki. Participation of “Podkarpackie Country” in this event will ensure including its demands in long term development plan of the province. There will be a meeting of cluster members called shortly in order to discuss development strategy plans of Marshall’s Office.